Sanpuku Nori - Hot Stone
Sanpuku Nori

Sanpuku Nori

Considered one of the finest varieties available, Sanpuku Nori is grown in the shallows of the Ariake Sea. A unique stretch of ocean, the Ariake Sea has over 100 rivers feeding fresh water and nutrients into the vast tidal flats creating optimal salinity for nori farming. Underwater at high tide, the nori absorbs the sea’s plentiful nutrients and minerals. When the water level falls below the nets at low tide, the exposed nori receives direct sunlight and an extra boost of photosynthesis. This natural cycle gives the nori of the Ariake sea an unrivalled melt-in-the-mouth softness, rich aroma, and concentrated umami flavour. We use Sanpuku nori in our premium handrolls and throughout our Omakase experience.


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