Certified Kobe Beef - Hot Stone
Certified Kobe Beef

Certified Kobe Beef

We are one of just eight restaurants in the UK to serve certified Kobe beef.

To qualify as Kobe beef, it must come from Tajima Japanese Black cattle raised in Hyogo, Japan – which is usually only around 3,000 cattle each year, most of which remain in Japan. There is also an extensive range of additional criteria that all cuts must meet to be certified as Kobe. For e.g. they must be fed a specific diet consisting of dried grasses and special mixes of soybean, corn and barley, slaughtered between the age of 3 and 5 years, produce beef that has high marbling that meets tough grading criteria, meat quality score of 4 & 5 only.

Our Kobe sirloin steak is cooked on our unique 400 degrees celsius heated volcanic stone, an ancient cooking method called ‘Ishiyaki’ in Japanese.


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