Aged Soy Sauce - Hot Stone
Aged Soy Sauce

Aged Soy Sauce

We offer a range of different aged soy sauces, and the soy we select depends entirely on the fish it’s being served with. We believe that each fish needs a different level of flavour and salinity to bring out its natural umami to the fullest. Our range is extensive, with two, three, five, ten, twenty and thirty-year-old varieties used daily at our pass.

All our soy sauces are brewed in 100-year-old cedar barrels and sourced from the Okada family, who has been making soy sauce since 1753. They brew according to traditional methods passed down by generations and are the only brewers in Japan to use the old mushiro (woven mat) method of making the koji base, which forms the foundation of soy sauce.


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