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We welcome dinner and lunch reservations up to 2 months in advance. 

To make a booking with an offer, please follow the T&Cs. Offer bookings that do not follow T&Cs will automatically be cancelled.

All tables are booked for 1.5 hours & we respectfully ask our guests to respect our 10 minutes grace period. If your party has not arrived within 10 minutes after your reservation time, we reserve the right to mark your reservation as a no-show or cancellation.

We may follow up with a telephone call to confirm your table therefore please ensure your email address and phone number are correct.

We have a cancellation policy of 24 hours ahead of the reservation time. If you cancel within that time frame or would not honour your reservation on the day, you will be liable for a fee of £20 per person.

Please note we have gone cashless and take card payments only.

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It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know if you cannot honour your reservation for any reason by calling us at 020 3302 8226

When you do not cancel your reservation, we are left with empty seats, which has huge negative impacts on our small seating restaurant. By cancelling in advance, you give us an opportunity to offer that seat to other guests on the waiting list.

Warm Regards,
The Hot Stone Team

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Click below to find out about the precautions we have taken to create a safe and stylish dining space at Hot Stone.

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