Hot Stone at Angel, Islington

Join us for Award-winning sushi and take part in an ancient Japanese method of cooking and eating known as Ishiyaki, right in the heart of Islington. A unique experience unlike any other restaurant in London.

Specializing in wagyu, we are one of just eight restaurants in the whole UK to serve certified Kobe beef, considered by many to be the finest beef in the world. We are also one of only a handful of restaurants to serve freshly grated Japanese wasabi with sushi.

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Chef Padam

About Chef Padam

Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai brings over 20 years of experience and excellence to Hot Stone.

Drawing on his early experiences in the kitchens of Kotetsu, Kathmandu before over a decade spent honing his craft in some of London’s most iconic Japanese restaurants, Chef Padam Raj Rai’s wealth of experience in Japanese cuisine, which has seen him win multiple awards for his sushi creations, is the secret to Hot Stone’s success.

His skill, passion and creativity will transport you to the orient, right in the heart of Angel.